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Country side walks 👌☀
`But there is all this time between when the cracks start to open up and when we finally fall apart.  And its only in that time that we can see one another ,because we see out of ourselves through our cracks and into others through theirs. ` #papertowns #love
Sunshine ☀.
#ottd #sheinside #primark
Pizza and watching pretty little liars from season 1 🍕👌
anyone else get exicted about trips to asda?  😁 going for dinner at the harvester , its so hot but I love this outfit 😊👍 #ottd #asda #harvester #food #newlookfashion
I Can’t express how incredibley proud I am of one of my best friends @lottieghall , you know I tell you this all the time but I love you,  this time last year we would communicate by hand written letters in the post and the ocassional dm on twitter.  
I remember thinking you’re so controlled by ana ,it took you ages to eat with me .
I remember the day you told me you got a discharge date (I like cried so much btw)  I was so happy that I would be able to spend more than a few hours with you!  
You still struggle now but you never give up or let ana back in control. 
Im so proud of you!  
Your lifes got better and damn right boobs and butts over skelton bones ☺. 
You’re amazing I hope you know how proud we all are of you!  . 
Stay strong and lets make you a year out of hospital, I bet you cant wait to say that. 
But iloveyou soo much twinny. 😭😍😘💕💓🙊 #iloveyou #proud #bestfriend #5monthsoutofinpatinet